Fallout 4 Guide: How To Create Animated Billboards

There are a lot of ways to be creative with building settlements in Fallout 4, but Redditor /u/RFarmer has pretty much won gaming with this innovative design. Using light boxes, they made this animated billboard. You can make your own using their guide.

1)      Set up an 18×8 grid of Light Boxes. Since each one requires 1 Power, you’ll want to set up at least 50 Power, which requires 5 large generators.

2)      On top of the billboard, place windmills and more generators. You can wire all of your power sources together so that they function as one massive power bank.

3)      Plan out the animation you want: which parts will always be on? Which parts are only on during the first frame? Which parts are only on during the second frame? (Any more than two frames may be much more complex.)

4)      The parts that are always on can be powered by one power sources (four large generators just to be safe):

5)      The difficult part is setting up the parts that turn on and off with each frame. For the first frame, set up a new power source, link it to the terminal, which you’ll then link to the time interval switches, and finally to the light boxes that will be on for that frame. For the second frame, do this process but only for the boxes that will remain on for that second frame. So, all three types of light boxes will have their own power sources. Set the interval time to On for 1s and Off for 1s for each of the frames. You’ll need to play around with it to get the timing right on both of them.

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