Just Cause 3 Trailer Explains Why You’re ‘Creative Destruction’ to Medici Island

Just Cause 3 launches later this year and developer Avalanche has released a new trailer explaining exactly why you'll be blowing everything up on the island of Medici when you get your hands on the game. We're also introduced to some of the characters who'll be helping protagonist Rico throughout the game. 

Antagonist General Di Ravello has stockpiled a huge amount of the precious resource Bavarium, which protects him from any Agency plans to take him down. 

Rico is charged with taking down the corrupt dictator's nation, destroying as much of the country's infastructure as possible in the process. 

It some ways it seems like a less serious Grand Theft Auto without that game's perhaps overly serious story. Regardless, the trailer promises 400 square miles of “creative destruction” which should be more than enough for anyone. 

Just Cause 3 launches December 1st for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.