WWE 2K16: Largest Roster In Franchise, Motion Capture Restarted From Scratch

We have some new details on WWE 2K16, as production is well underway. This information comes to us courtesy of WWETOWNation, whom you can subscribe to on YouTube here.

The WWE 2K account confirmed with a fan that the upcoming game would have the largest roster the IP has had so far. Given the size of the actual WWE roster, we’re sure to see most, if not all, of the NXT roster, as well as a few Legends.

Independent wrestler Chase Stevens shared some interesting tweets about the motion capture, which he is doing on behalf of the WWE. It seems that 2K has opted to do motion capture from scratch, so it means everything you saw in WWE 2K15 is getting changed. Chase promises he will share more details on what they worked on when the game finally comes out.

Chase also shared how physical the motion capture could get. He described swinging a sledgehammer around for 5 hours. On a different day, he shared a screenshot of the ring where they were filming chair shots. Overall, they had 12 days of motion capture, spread across two weeks.

What do you hope to see in WWE 2K16, in terms of the roster and the action? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.