Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward Releases June 23, Debuts On Mac

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward has been dated for release this June 23.

The expansion will be arriving not only for Windows, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4, but also Mac, as the IP’s introduction to the platform. If you preordered the expansion, you will get a special early access weekend on June 19.

At the PlayStation Blog, developer Naoko Yoshida shared some details and even answered fan questions. We’ll share the most relevant details here.

The 2.x patches have been secretly building up to Heavensward. Case in point, the zones, currently as wide as 2 km x 2 km, will be expanded even further, to accommodate flying mounts. There will be 1.5 times as much surface are in Heavensward, but fewer zones. In this way, you will end up traversing as much in Heavensward as you did in A Realm Reborn.

Story-wise, you will have to finish the contents of Patch 2.55 before you can play Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward. If you happen to have dropped off before that, you will still be able to enter Ishgard (sans story progression). You will also be able to pick up the new jobs, which aren’t tied to story.

Triple Triad will be getting at least 20 additional cards, and more could be coming in, depending on the time devs set aside for it. Yoshida jokes that players are passing over the Hunts to play more Triple Triad.

What do you hope to see in Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.