Indiana Jones Video Game Rumored To Become Xbox Exclusive

You might not recall what MachineGames is currently up to. The development studio that has brought out the latest Wolfenstein video games had a surprise reveal at the beginning of this year. Bethesda announced that MachineGames is working on an Indiana Jones video game installment. However, we haven’t seen much of anything regarding this game since its announcement in January.

During the announcement on Twitter, we knew that MachineGames would collaborate with Lucasfilm Games on this original story. We also learned that this was a game still in the early stages of development. However, between this game’s announcement and now, Microsoft had acquired MachineGames along with Bethesda. This came through the acquisition of ZeniMax Media, which significantly increased the resources Microsoft now has for first-party video games.

Now fans are bringing up the Indiana Jones video game we only saw a small teaser of this year. Specifically, there have been rumors and suggestions online that this Indiana Jones video game would be exclusive to the Xbox consoles and PC platforms. That’s not a surprise as, again, Bethesda and MachineGames are now owned by Microsoft. After all, it wasn’t long ago that we also saw Starfield, Bethesda’s next RPG, confirmed to be a Microsoft exclusive.

For now, it’s possible that Indiana Jones could release on PlayStation consoles. However, we don’t have any official details quite yet. We don’t have any release date yet on when the game would be available in the marketplace. Likewise, we’re still unconfirmed about what platforms the title will be available on when it does launch.