Cyberpunk 2077 Early Build Made Jackie Welles A Terrible Person

We would love to go back and see some of those earlier Cyberpunk 2077 builds. Unfortunately, the build that launched into the marketplace was rather poorly received with all the bugs. However, going back to see what was initially intended and the changes we don’t know about would be an interesting read. With that said, development studio CD Projekt Red recently took to Twitch to highlight patch update 1.3. During the stream, we got word from Patrick Mills, the senior quest designer, that Cyberpunk 2077 featured a rather bad Jackie Welles initially.

Don’t expect too many details, but Patrick Mills opted to clear the air when Jackie Welles. When the development was first starting, the studio made Jackie Welles a huge jerk. This was not your compadre that helps V get on their feet. Instead, Jackie was a terrible person and is the reason the heist goes wrong. During the mission, Jackie decides to fight with you, causing the heist to be blown.

Unfortunately, we don’t get much more information than that. Jackie Welles was eventually reworked, and the result was a best friend for V. In fact, this was a fan-beloved character that some are hoping to get featured in a more significant way during an expansion. At the moment, we don’t know what the development team has planned for the expansions. They are supposedly paid content that will offer lengthy content for players to go through. This should be somewhat similar to the developments released for The Witcher 3.

Currently, Cyberpunk 2077 recently had their latest 1.3 patch update. Through this patch update, we got several fixes and tweaks. So if you were playing and got stuck on a quest, chances are you can finally progress thanks to patch 1.3. Meanwhile, this was the patch that first started bringing out free DLC. Instead, they are nothing major, some new free jackets, a vehicle, and an alternative look to Johnny Silverhand.