Cyberpunk 2077 1.3 Patch Update Is Now Available

While Cyberpunk 2077 was incredibly hyped, the launch was a horrible mess. CD Projekt Red had built up so much anticipation for the video game. So naturally, players couldn’t wait to get their hands on a copy. However, as you all know, that game was a horrible mess at launch. It was full of bugs and technical issues that made the game completely unplayable for some platforms. Since then, the development studio has been working on a series of updates. The latest of which, patch 1.3, was just highlighted yesterday.

CD Projekt Red recently held a stream to highlight the Cyberpunk 2077’s 1.3 patch update. Overall, the stream gives players a look at what updates have been implemented to the game. Of course, not everything is covered, as the patch 1.3 update is quite massive. The entire rundown for the patch notes can be found here. Through the notes you’ll get a good look at what all has changed in Night City. With that said, the developers noted that not all of the updates and fixes are listed. Some fixes were too minor for the official patch notes.

During yesterday’s stream, the patch 1.3 update was only said to be arriving soon. The developers refrained from saying just when the update would come out to avoid potentially finding the rollout problematic, causing a delay. However, it looks like the patch has gone live across multiple platforms. Players will download the update today and start exploring Night City to see just what all had has been improved or completely fix. Again, some quests were broken for players, such as Gimmie Danger which prevented players from interacting with Takemura. Now players should be able to progress through the game.

Lastly, while it’s nice to have many new updates and fixes, there is the first of the free DLC packed with this update. They are minor, so it’s unlikely that some players will find a need to return to Night City just yet if they already completed the game. For instance, players will receive some new jackets, a different vehicle, along with having an alternative look to Johnny Silverhand. Still, the developers did note that they are working on expansions for this game, but nothing was teased quite yet.