Death Stranding Hits Five Million Units Sold

Death Stranding was a hyped game from the very start. It was very likely this game would hit a pretty impressive number of sales. Still, the general public was not privy to that information. That changed today as we’re finding out Kojima Productions managed to see Death Stranding surpass five million units so far. That’s quite a milestone for this debut title, and it’s likely going to get quite a few more units sold. 

We don’t have to give you the rundown for Kojima Productions and Death Stranding. It’s been a pretty widely covered topic over the past several years. However, what has Death Stranding circulating headlines once again is an interview between Kojima Productions head of publishing Jay Boor and Speaking to Jay, it was unveiled that already the game has sold over five million units worldwide across the PlayStation 4 and PC platforms. Of course, that’s likely going to increase soon with the upcoming Director’s Cut.

It was recently unveiled that Kojima Productions was bringing out Death Stranding Director’s Cut into the marketplace. That particular edition of the game will launch into the market this September. However, when it comes to the game title, Hideo Kojima is not much of a fan. In the past, Hideo Kojima made note that while this game is called a Director’s Cut, nothing from the title features content that was cut from the original Death Stranding release.

Instead, there is a slew of content added in new for this edition. With the Death Stranding Director’s Cut, fans can expect new weapons, equipment, vehicles, missions, and even new areas to explore within the map. As mentioned, Death Stranding Director’s Cut hits this September 24, 2021, for the PlayStation 5.