Steam Deck Targeted To Run Games At A Minimum Of 30 FPS

Valve’s Steam Deck is already a highly desirable piece of hardware. Gamers are quickly pre-ordering units, but that doesn’t mean there’s no concern when it comes to this device. Recently, there was plenty of talk regarding the system and only producing 30 FPS when it came to gameplay. That’s not necessarily the case as Valve’s designer have recently clarified the recent 30 FPS target fiasco. The goal is to see Steam Deck run games at 30 FPS, but that’s just the minimum. You can likely expect plenty of game titles to surpass the minimum FPS.

Some fans feared that this system was capped at 30 FPS. However, Pierre-Loup Griffis was quick to clear the air through Twitter. Griffis, a designer, working on Valve’s upcoming Steam Deck hardware, stated the 30 FPS target is only the floor of what the development team considers playable. Hopefully, that should put some minds at ease who were uncertain if the Steam Deck was worth the pre-order. 

The designer also made note that so far, testing has been surpassing the bar. Additionally, the tweet also makes mention that the upcoming Steam Deck will feature an FPS limiter. By limiting the FPS, this should help with battery life. Of course, we’re still waiting on units to ship to get a better ideal on things. For instance, we’ll get a better look at how some of the more heavy-hitting video game titles will handle on the portable gaming PC handheld. Likewise, that should hopefully also answer just how much battery life the device will hold compared to the specific video games.

In other news regarding the Valve Steam Deck, we know this device is already quite popular. Pre-orders have already surpassed the first shipment expected, with additional pre-orders pushing the arrival date for the Stream Deck to 2022 instead of December of this year. While pre-orders are looking relatively positive, Ubisoft is waiting to see how well the hardware does before they opt-in to release more games onto the Steam marketplace.