Dead Space Remake Will Incorporate Content From All Previous Games

One of the games that had a big unveiling yesterday during EA Play Live was Dead Space. This new remake is coming out for a game franchise that already had a massive following. Originally crafted up by Visceral Games, fans only received three mainline installments before the title went dormant. Now we know that a remake is in development by EA Motive. Best of all, the studio is looking back at all the games for inspiration.

The upcoming remake will be centered around the first Dead Space video game. However, the entire franchise includes mainline video game installments, spin-offs, print media, and even films. Fortunately, fans of the entire Dead Space franchise may find some of their favorite details or mechanics making their way into the remake. This bit of news comes from a conversation IGN had with the EA Motive development team.

For us, the foundation is the Dead Space 1 story. So, by default, that’s what is canon. But then there are some improvements that we want to make to that story. And not necessarily improvements because those things were not really working in the original, more improvements because of what came after, and we’re like, ‘Aw man, that’s interesting if we could reference that, or if we could make a link to that.

Creative Director Roman Campos-Oriola

Developers are looking at the narrative of the game and how it can link to other notable events from other games or animated films. While the developers are looking to see what they can include in the remake, they are also looking to see just what they should avoid adding in. One of the biggest elements to avoid is microtransactions.

Microtransactions in single-player titles are not looked upon very fondly. While Dead Space 3 was known for having microtransactions, you can rest assured that there won’t be any plans to introduce them into the remake. Nevertheless, fans are undoubtedly excited to get their hands on this game. Even the original creator behind the Dead Space title can’t wait to see just what EA Motive brings out.