Original Dead Space Creator Is Excited Over Newly Announced Remake

Yesterday EA held their EA Play Live event where we got some exciting reveals. While most might have been preparing for new details on Battlefield 2042, there was a surprise unveiling. After plenty of rumors circulated online, the Dead Space remake is official. We’re going to be diving back into this nightmare horror game franchise again. One individual that’s excited to see the game’s release is Glen Schofield.

If you don’t recall who Glen Schofield is by name, this is the original creator behind Dead Space. EA allowed Glen to craft up Dead Space with a talented team and players worldwide were jumping into battle against necromorphs. Unfortunately, we only received three mainline installments to the Dead Space franchise before the IP became dormant. As for the studio behind Dead Space, Visceral Games, it’s now defunct. Likewise, Glen Schofield is now a part of Striking Distance Studios. While not a part of the remake, Glen took to Twitter and shared his enthusiasm over the teaser.

Through Twitter, Glen noted that directing Dead Space was a highlight of his career and that he couldn’t wait to see what EA Motive does with the remake. Much like Glen, there’s plenty of fans out there that are also eager to see this remake come out. We know that there are supposedly improvements to the game narrative, characters, and gameplay mechanics. Although, we don’t get to see any of that from the teaser alone.

While we wait for some more news to come out about the new Dead Space title, we will also want to keep an eye on Glen Schofield’s next project. As mentioned, Glen is working at Striking Distance Studios, where his current survival horror project is the Callisto Protocol. As it currently stands, Callisto Protocol will release sometime in 2022.