Knockout City Season 2, Fight at the Movies, Set to Launch Next Week

Electronic Arts announced a new season for its colorful dodgebrawl title, Knockout City. The new season rolls out next week — July 27 to exact. It’s a Hollywood-themed update and appears to add even more to the game’s zany atmosphere. The new season was revealed during the livestream of the most recent EA Play Live.

The new season is called “Fight at the Movies,” and it appears to be inspired by several classic films. The above trailer opens with the classic “In a world” phrase, and the narrator (the DJ) complaining about having to rasp out their lines. A villainous robot is seen stroking an armadillo in much the same way Blofeld would stroke a cat. One of the maps is a film set called “Hollywood Drive-in” and there’s a giant mech stomping around for reasons I’ve not yet been able to figure out.

Other maps include an outsized child’s bedroom, a pyramid of some sort, a bridge, and a castle. The game was already pretty colorful, but now it appears to be even more so with this new update. There will also allegedly be movie-themed cosmetics and gear, including a ball that’s just a very squat bottle of probably overpriced movie theater soda and which will temporarily blind players when it’s thrown. Players will also have new contracts, new playlists, and reportedly a new daily login bonus.

Considering EA recently revealed that Knockout City had reached 5 million players, the game is clearly not doing too shabby, even as it competes with other, more involved multiplayer games (not the least of which will be Battlefield 2042, the game with which it shared a show). Seasons 3 and 4 are also set to come out later this year. Just as a reminder, the game is currently available on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, Switch, and PC (via Origin, Steam, and the Epic Games Store).

Source: Velan Studios