The Iconic Door In Call of Duty: Warzone No Longer On A Murdering Rampage

There are plenty of great free-to-play video games out there especially if you’re after some battle royale gameplay. It seemed like just about every studio was putting something out there whether it was a completely new video game or a game mode to a popular established franchise. For instance, there were plenty of rumors after the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, that a battle royale game mode would be coming out. While fans were right about the battle royale game mode, they were surprised to see it launched as a free standalone video game experience.

As a result, fans worldwide were quickly downloading Call of Duty: Warzone across multiple platforms and playing it with friends. With more players enjoying the game it usually means that the development studio can quickly identify problematic areas of the game and rectify them. We’ve certainly seen plenty of adjustments made to the game along with new changes or additions. Naturally, anytime someone discovers an issue with the game, it’s thrown onto the web for other players to make note of. For instance, a troublesome door became a big target online.

If you recall, there was a door within the salt mining building that would instantly kill players if touched. This door didn’t want anyone around and it cost plenty of lives. As you would expect this left plenty of players trying to figure out what was going on if it was somehow not just a bug. This was just a bug and was rather quickly patched up.

Now players can go to the door and not have any issues. With that said, perhaps there’s another object out there in this massive map that will do the same thing. For now, we haven’t seen any other problematic items on the map. At the very least, you can wander around the Salt Mining building without any fear of running into the door and causing a quick death in the game.

Source: PC Gamer, Reddit