Bethesda Is Killing Off Fallout 76 Battle Royale Game Mode

There is a massive fan base when it comes to battle royale games. We’ve seen countless titles get released into the marketplace that was purely focused on battle royale gameplay. Meanwhile, other titles have brought out a battle royale game mode alongside their already established video game. One that comes to mind is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare which eventually saw the release of Call of Duty: Warzone. With more and more companies diving into the realm of battle royale game modes, it’s not surprising to see some games or game modes not staying as popular for very long.

That’s what Bethesda is seeing with their battle royale game mode in Fallout 76. Within Fallout 76 players were given Nuclear Winter a battle royale game mode that had players fighting to be the last person standing. However, there is a waning of this game mode with players venturing into other aspects of the game. As a result, Bethesda is removing the game mode within September of this year. 

This comes from an official blog post from Bethesda who confirmed that September would be the end of Nuclear Winter but they didn’t offer a specific date so we could see this game mode end right at the start of September. Ultimately, this means you have a few more months to enjoy this game before we’re having to see this game mode take its leave. Regardless, Bethesda has made a note that they will reward players for their participation. 

“Whether you occasionally dabbled in Nuclear Winter, or fought your way through thousands of matches, we want to ensure that your efforts there are properly rewarded. When Nuclear Winter goes offline, we’re going to fill your characters’ pockets with Perk Coins, which can be used to upgrade your Legendary Perks in Adventure Mode. Each character will receive 6 Perk Coins per Overseer Rank they achieved, up to a maximum of 600, as well as 1 Perk Coin for each Overseer Ticket they earned, up to a max of 200. All players who completed at least one Nuclear Winter match will also receive a Nuclear Winter themed Pennant for their C.A.M.P.s.”

At the moment, it doesn’t look like there is an alternative coming out right away for those interested in PvP. Although, Bethesda did make note that they are working to provide something for PvP players in the future and we’re not having to wait very long before it’s unveiled. 

Source: Bethesda