Silent Hill Creators Bokeh Game Studio Reveals New Game Concept Art

Easily one of the most popular psychological survival horror video game titles to come out was Konami’s Silent Hill. The IP was a massive hit that put players into a town full of creepy monsters and a slew of puzzles to keep players wondering just how to progress forward. This original development team brought out four installments before they were disbanded.

However, one of the key individuals to bring the series out with the first game was Keiichiro Toyama. After Silent Hill was released, the developer went on to work with Sony which he was able to bring out another survival horror video game franchise that had a good niche following called Siren. However, since then the developer was putting work to more lighthearted video games for Sony which eventually Toyama went on to work on his own development studio.

We don’t know a ton about this new studio other than it’s called Bokeh Game Studio. From there, we’re left waiting on the developers to announce their first video game title into the marketplace. However, it’s looking like this new video game title will still feature some horror elements for fans to enjoy. Now, we’re finding out that the development studio has released their first concept art for the upcoming debut title. 

It looks to feature some creepy elements but outside of the concept image, we don’t have much to go off on what this game will be about. With the slated release window for this upcoming video game to be sometime in 2023, there is plenty of time left for the developers to plan out their marketing campaign. You can check out the image in the tweet embedded above. Meanwhile, Silent Hill fans are waiting on the next big video game announcement as there’s been an ongoing slew of rumors suggesting Konami is not done with the IP quite yet.

Source: Twitter