The Medium Devs Currently Has No Plans For DLC

Bloober Team really found their stride when it comes to game development. After dabbling into the horror genre, this studio started to get some good footing and we’ve continued to see this stuidio release new video game titles into the marketplace for the horror genre. In fact, their latest video game title was their biggest release to date. After hyping the game up, it was revealed that the developers required the next-generation hardware at the time before they could even release this game into the marketplace.

Overall, The Medium follows a woman who is a medium. Trapped between two realms, our protagonist aims to help spirits that have not found peace or refuse to move towards their next destination. Of course, that’s quite the uphill battle in some ways, but this game was able to finally release into the marketplace for the Xbox Series X/S and the PC platform. Being a new video game release still, I won’t spoil anything from the narrative journey.

With that said, this game did prompt some players to wonder just what the future may hold for the IP. During a Reddit AMA with the development team, the question came up about the ending and if there would be any potential DLC coming out. Unfortunately, to those of you who were hoping to spend even more time in this game world, it doesn’t look like Bloober Team is preparing for any kind of DLC release as it was confirmed by studio participants in the Reddit AMA thread.

While Bloober Team is not actively developing any DLC for The Medium, they are already working on their next video game release. In fact, a new job posting revealed that this studio is aiming to release a game with both melee and ranged combat attached. It might be a good while before we find any details about this upcoming game, but those of you who would like to dive into The Medium can do so right now. In fact, if you’re interested in this game and would like our personal impressions then check out our Before You Buy episode upload down below.

Source: Techraptor