PlayStation’s New San Diego Studio Is Working On Existing Franchises

Sony has a long line of iconic video game franchises they’ve brought out over these past few video game console generations. Normally, these big hits receive several installments right from the creators and studios that first crafted up the IP. However, some of those games eventually get tossed aside to make room for new IP and ventures. That’s where this new team that has yet to be officially announced by Sony will come into play.

There’s a new studio in San Diego that was formed by Sony and it’s been a mystery as to what they are working on. We haven’t seen much information released about the team and likewise, there are no details regarding what the team is working on. However, we do have some insight now thanks to a Linkedin page update from the former studio head, Michael Mumbauer. According to the Linkedin page, it looks like the studio head stepped down from PlayStation in November of 2020. 

Michael Mumbauer had worked with PlayStation since 2007 and over the years he’s helped manage developers during game development and cinematic production. Most interestingly, this was the studio head for the new San Diego studio where according to his Linkedin post, was crafted up to help expand on existing franchises. There are no details as to what the studio was working on, but there are several rumors suggesting that the group is actually picking up an IP from Naughty Dog.

In particular, the rumors are suggesting that this group is taking on the Uncharted franchise in order to deliver a new installment. Now we knew that the previous installment was meant to be the last adventure involving Nathan Drake, but perhaps there might have been a change of heart over at Sony. Likewise, this could be a new installment that doesn’t feature Nathan Drake at all, if this game is actually in the works. Of course, it’s worth pointing out that IGN spotted a video embed from Michael Mumbauer’s page that’s a fan video highlighting the studio is working on an Uncharted 5 video, but that’s from a fan and based on an official announcement. 

Source: IGN, Linkedin