Former Sony Dev Expressed Interest In Remaking Two Sony Iconic Exclusives

Sony has a long line of exclusive titles at its disposal and it not surprising to hear about remakes. There’s a massive catalog of games that could be brought out with new technology and a massive fan base of not only veterans but newcomers as well that might pick the game up. So when talks came up for two iconic Sony exclusives to get remade, it seemingly never got any further than talks.

This bit of information came from Michael Mumbauer, who was the head of Sony San Diego Studios. At the time, Michael was working at the studio as a means to help other Sony studios with their projects. However, things started to shift with more remakes and remastered editions being considered. Two games were brought up by the former Sony employee according to his talk with Gabbin+Gamin spotlight and they were God of War and Uncharted. Both titles are relatively old at this point and while both are still enjoyable today, Michael wanted to give them a proper remake.

Again, it seems like nothing happened outside of talks, but those two games could have seen a fresh new release on the PlayStation 5. Whatever the reason may be, it looks like Sony opted to not touch those titles for a remake quite yet. Fortunately, Uncharted received a remastered collection on the PlayStation 4 which gave some visual upgrades for the first three mainline Uncharted games. Likewise, God of War has a soft reboot of sorts on the PlayStation 4.

No telling just what the future may hold for these IPs. Outside of God of War Ragnarok being in development, we don’t know if there’s anything else planned for Kratos. Likewise, Uncharted 4 wrapped up Nathan Drake’s storyline, but rumors always circulate that perhaps we’ll see a fifth mainline installment for the Uncharted series.

Source: Gamerant, YouTube