The Best Crime Video Games Of The Last 5 Years

Crime in video games tends to showcase a wide range of narratives. From criminals who simply wish to make cash fast to innocent protagonists that get swindled into doing someone’s bidding, there’s a wide range of criminal themed video game titles to enjoy right now.

We have listed down the very best crime themed video games available that has released in the past five years. Check out our list below and let us know what your favorite crime video game is by leaving us a comment.

#10 Mafia III

  • Developer: Hangar 13
  • Publisher: 2k Games
  • Platforms: PC, PS4, XBO
  • Release: October 7, 2016

Taking place in 1968, gamers will be cruising the mean streets of New Orleans as they attempt to take down the Italian mob in Mafia III. Overall the game revolves around Lincoln Clay, a Vietnam veteran who has since returned to the States. After his return, Lincoln Clay finds himself joining The Black Mob, a gang that has butted heads against the Italian mob. After an attempt was taken on Clay’s life, he decides to end the competition with the help of his three allies, Cassandra, Burke, and Vito Scaletta.

The action-adventure open world title allows players to freely explore the city while targeting enemies. Through the use of melee weapons to gunplay, Lincoln Clay can easily hone into his military training when eliminating enemies or even interrogating them for much-needed information to use against the Italian mob.

#9 This Is The Police

  • Developer: Weappy Studio
  • Publisher: Nordic Games, EuroVideo Medien
  • Platforms: PC, PS4, XBO, NS
  • Release: August 2, 2016

In this narrative-based strategy game, players step into the shoes of the police chief who must make difficult choices when dispatching his men throughout the game. This often comes to consequences as you must appease civilians and City Hall. However, ultimately, the choice is your to make.

The police chief is running on his last year within the force with just under two-hundred days left. This makes the choices and situations that are being put on the protagonist even more of a struggle. Overall, players will have a goal of making $500,000 before retirement which will mean getting your nose dirty rather than being the upstanding officer that first got into the force all those years ago.