The Lord Of The Rings Online Visual Update Inbound?

The Lord of the Rings Online is a relatively older title. The game first came out into the market back in 2007 where it was developed by Turbine Inc and published through Midway Games. That’s of course has since changed as the current developer behind the title is Standing Stone Games with publishers Daybreak Game Company.

This title was first a premium MMORPG which was supported through a variety of content updates. While the storyline was set during The Lord of The Rings the various updates helped flesh out a new storyline for players to enjoy. Now this game is available as a free-to-play title which likely helped get some new players to jump onto the game, but as mentioned, the game came out back in 2007.

Players today may not find the game to be a bit of a turnoff due to the visuals and it may seem that Daybreak Game Company agrees. In a recent EG7 investors briefing, it’s reported that Daybreak Game Company made note that Lord of the Rings Online will receive some updates. Apparently, we’re going to not only see this game receive some visual upgrades but some technical updates as well. 

This is supposedly set to come out in 2022 which may find a resurgence in the fandom due to the upcoming Amazon series based within The Lord of The Rings franchise but set as a prequel to the cinematic universe. Currently, the upcoming series is set to release next year which would give the developers some time to make the necessary updates for the game for a potential new player base. As it stands right now, The Lord of the Rings Online is available for the PC platform, but we should see this title release on next-generation consoles as well.

Source: PCGamesN