Microsoft Reportedly Has An Announcement During The Game Awards

There is no shortage of rumors for the video game industry. We see all kinds of rumors emerge and spread online and there’s usually quite a few that get debunked quickly. Fans will however take note of rumors that pop up from reputable sources that have a proven track record. Even then, there’s always room for rumors to never pan out.

2020 has been quite the packed year for the unusual. Likewise, because of the worldwide health pandemic outbreak, it’s also been a year filled with delays. We didn’t get a ton of in-person events or expos that we’re used to seeing happen as well. This does leave room for some announcements to get pushed back and with 2020 coming to an end and eyes now looking at the upcoming 2021 year, there’s not much time left for some announcements to get unveiled. 

The Game Awards is still scheduled to happen this year. While this year’s event will be a bit different, we’re still expecting quite a packed show filled with a look back at 2020 video game releases and new announcements. We’re used to seeing some new video game announcements and trailers during The Game Awards and it’s been a subject as of late online for an event that’s supposedly packed with all kinds of announcements.

We can’t believe every rumor that emerges online, but we’ve seen rumors suggesting just about everything that will happen during this event. From claims of a Silent Hill reboot, the revival of Silent Hills from Hideo Kojima to now claims that Microsoft will be bringing out some kind of an announcement. This latest rumor emerges from GamesBeat which only claims that Microsoft will have an announcement during the event.

No details were given. As a result, we don’t know if we’ll see something regarding video games, services, to hardware. One of the titles that fans have been waiting to see reveal is this secret project from The Initiative. This is a brand new AAA video game development studio that Microsoft has formed from the ground up. While it’s been packed with some notable developers, The latest rumor from this studio is that Xbox fans will be disappointed over the project.

Source: Gamerant, Gamesbeat