Amazon Sale Features Buy 2 Get 1 Free Video Games

There is a ton of excitement and anticipation building around this year for the video game industry. Before 2020 hit we knew that this would be the year that both Sony and Microsoft offered their next-generation video game console platforms. While none of us could have expected a worldwide pandemic to hit that caused lockdowns and quarantines, there wasn’t going to be anything to stop the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X/S from releasing into the market. Fortunately, both those platforms are freely available right now, but it looks like some gamers may want some new titles to enjoy as well.

Whether you’re looking for a new free game to enjoy on the latest console platforms or for what is now considered last-generation platforms, you can find quite a bit to enjoy for purchase. Of course, buying games is not cheap either so any deal to knock some money off the purchase is ideal. It looks like the latest sale going on at Amazon is making it a gamers paradise. There’s a current sale that features a buy 2 get 1 free deal. 

Players can find that there is a wide selection of video games for various platforms ready for purchase through Amazon. Unfortunately, if you were hoping to score some games for full discounts all around then you’ll be let down.

Instead, you’ll have to purchase two games before jumping onto the free title offer. However, if you were in the market for a couple of title purchases, this may be ideal for you as it can get you started out with a nice catalog of titles. You can even find new releases added into the mix so make sure to jump in and find some great games worth picking up before the sale ends.

Source: Amazon