Don’t Expect Halo Infinite During The Game Awards

Halo is a massive name in the video game industry and in particular Microsoft. The Xbox exclusive has been available for each platform release so far and while 343 Industries had planned to bring out the title for the Xbox Series X launch, they were forced to delay. This has been a long wait for fans who wanted to dive back into another action-packed journey featuring Master Chief but it looks like we are going to be waiting a bit longer than originally expected. In fact, if you were hoping for a gameplay trailer or announcement to come out during The Game Awards then you’re out luck.

There might have been some speculation that we would see some Halo Infinite during The Game Awards, especially since the developers were forced into delaying the game. If you’re unfamiliar with the events that lead to this decision, I can offer a quick recap. Halo Infinite had been teased for quite a long time and it was actually the hopes of gamers that Halo Infinite would make an appearance during E3 2019. However, all fans received was a cinematic trailer with a promise of gameplay footage being present during E3 2020.

As you are aware, E3 2020 didn’t happen due to the coronavirus health pandemic outbreak. This pushed a lot of developers behind in projects after transitioning into working remotely. However, eventually, Microsoft was able to showcase a demo gameplay trailer for fans. Unfortunately, the demo was heavily criticized for being lackluster and dated. It received so much flack over different aspects of the game that 343 Industries pulled Halo Infinite from releasing at launch with the Xbox Series X. Instead, they simply stated that the game would be released at some point in 2021.

Some fans had hoped for a trailer or announcement of some kind during The Game Awards, but on Reddit, 343 Industries was able to confirm that the development is still going strong, but the current milestones wouldn’t allow the team to bring out a demo in time for The Game Awards. With that said, it does look like there will be a big update announcement coming in the next few weeks. Perhaps we’ll get a release date for this game and updated visuals to showcase the game being a bit more enticing than its first showcase.

Source: Reddit