PlayStation 4 Will Have A PlayStation 5 Remote Play Option 

There is a ton of hype and anticipation building for the next-generation video game console platforms. Both Sony and Microsoft are gearing towards their console release this month, but while fans are mainly paying attention to the console’s launch, there is apparently a new update hitting the PlayStation 4 that brings in a remote play option.

This report came from VGC who noted that they discovered a surprise app from Sony to enable PS5 Remote Play. While nothing is officially tested out yet, the application does state that players can use their PlayStation 4 to connect and control the PlayStation 5. Unfortunately, the application doesn’t work quite yet even though they own a review unit of the PlayStation 5. We will likely see this application function after the PlayStation 5 launches officially into the market.

At any rate, this connection process according to the VGC publication is that players can connect the consoles through WiFi or through a code supplied by the PlayStation 5. From there you will have to enable Remote Play on the PlayStation 5 itself. We’re not sure just yet if players can enjoy the various PlayStation 5 exclusive games through the PlayStation 4 or not. After all, we know that the PlayStation 4 DualShock 4 will not work on the PlayStation 5 and it seems that the DualSense will not work on the PlayStation 4.

At any rate, this Remote Play option may prove to be quite a useful feature. Of course, we’ll have to wait and see just how well Remote Play works on the PlayStation 5 and just what other access points there may be to enjoy the PlayStation 5 video games while not directly playing on the console itself. For now, we’ll have to wait as the PlayStation 5 is not slated to release into the marketplace until November 12, 2020, for most markets.

Source: VGC