Looks Like PT Has Been Recreated In Doom 

There’s a ton of love for the Silent Hill franchise and for years fans have been craving for this IP to get some new life breathed into it. However, things have not been kind to the series and Konami has yet to bring out another installment. For some fans, this may be for the best, however, others will always dream about what could have been with PT. This beloved demo that revealed a new Silent Hill installment was in the works was not only popular for fans of the franchise, but has also been a means to keep the demo alive for others to enjoy today.

As mentioned PT is a demo and it was originally showcased to be a new horror title from an indie developer. With the demo popping up on the PlayStation 4, players would be able to download this first-person game and slowly uncover the different puzzles that needed to be solved. It was only after the game was solved that fans were delighted with a new cinematic video showing that PT was actually a playable teaser for a new installment to the Silent Hill franchise.

What made fans eager about this new take on the Silent Hill IP is that legendary developer, Hideo Kojima would be crafting up the game at Konami. Fans really believed that Hideo Kojima would be able to deliver a new thrilling installment that would potentially rank up with the original four installments released by Team Silent. Unfortunately, that never happened as Hideo Kojima and Konami had a falling out and the two split leaving Konami to cancel Silent Hills and Hideo Kojima to make his own video game development studio.

All that was left of Silent Hills, the now-cancelled installment under Kojima was the PT demo. In fact, it wasn’t long after that Konami took the demo off the PlayStation Store marketplace and only those that had a PlayStation 4 with a demo downloaded on the console could enjoy this experience. That prompted fans worldwide to remake the demo in a variety of ways and today we’re finding out about a remake using Doom

GZ PT is the Doom remake of PT and while it’s not a complete replica, it’s pretty remarkable to see just how well the game demo works out compared to the original demo. You can even check out the gameplay teaser for GZ PT down below which should give some fans a chance in trying the title out without needing to meet some more notable gaming PC system requirements.

Source: Gamesradar