Microsoft Already Working On Xbox Series X Iterations 

There was a ton of building anticipation for 2020 in the video game industry. This was the year that both Sony and Microsoft would be delivering the next-generation console platforms into the mix. However, there was some concern about whether the teams over at Sony and Microsoft would be able to deliver their consoles into the marketplace after the coronavirus health pandemic outbreak occurred. Fortunately for gamers, it’s been confirmed that both the Xbox Series X/S and the PlayStation 5 would be hitting the marketplace in November. That’s just next month and we’re eagerly awaiting to get our hands on the units when they release.

However, as you all are likely aware, both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles are rather large in size. Normally, we see consoles shrink down over time with new hardware iterations. Still, these iterations can in time bring in some newer components are advancements. When Phil Spencer was speaking with Kotaku, the comment came up regarding iterations of the Xbox Series X hardware. 

The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are not even out into the market yet and it looks like Microsoft has been working on new iterations for the platform. According to Phil Spencer, the development team behind the console doesn’t call it quits after the system components are locked in and ready to release.

“I think, like you’ve seen in past generations, that we will iterate on hardware. We’ve already started, right? Our team doesn’t go away when we kind of lock the spec. Some of it is cost. That’s always an important thing. How do you drive down the cost of the console in the parts that are there, but also just looking at areas in terms of what are the next iterations that you might do?”

It seems that we may see a hardware iteration for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S a bit sooner with this next-generation platform. With a slew of new development studios under Xbox’s umbrella, we may see a big drive to get the Xbox Series X into a prime position both in terms of performance and exclusive software.

Source: Kotaku