Unity 5 Engine’s First Screens Reveal Stunning Detail

Unity Technologies has released new screenshots and videos of its Unity 5 Engine which CEO David Helgason says will actively compete with CryEngine and Unreal. Based on what they reveal in the footage and stills below, it seems that's quite a realistic goal. 

Unity 5 has been billed as a "massive update" to the multiplatform game engine and toolkit with enhancements made to audio systems and upgraded lighting and shader features. 

Unity 5 will also include the launch of a cross-promotion network for mobile games called Unity Cloud which will enable, "mobile game developers to run full-screen interstitial ads in their mobile games, as well as exchange ad units with other Unity developers."

It's been a pretty hectic GDC on the middleware and tech fronts with Swedish firm Quixel revealing its new Megascans material library which aims to speed up the work of game artists but it was arguably Sony who stole the show last night with their awaited reveal of the PlayStation 4's Project Morpheus virtual reality prototype.