Titanfall On Xbox 360 Delayed To April 8

Microsoft has revealed that Titanfall for the Xbox 360 has been delayed two more weeks, to now release on the April 8.

EA’s EVP Patrick Soderlund explains that he has played the port, in development by Bluepoint Games, and he claims the game is fantastic. The apparent reason for the delay is they found a few things that could be made better. With that in mind, they’ve given Bluepoint more time to provide a better Titanfall experience.

Patrick does point out the game will be indistinguishable from the other versions in terms of gameplay, including six-on-six competitive multiplayer, maps, weapons, game modes, and Burn Cards.

So, EA has left it up to us to guess on what things they have found that could be made better, and frankly, I can see any number of reasons. I am sure you have already read some cynics speculating that the graphics for this port aren’t up to snuff, possibly based on some insider rumors. Someone also shared an alternate theory with me, that Microsoft is deliberately delaying the port to keep Titanfall – Xbox One sales momentum going a little longer.

The least cynical, and perhaps most practical, rationale I can think of is they looked at the issues players had to experience at launch and resolved that these would not repeat for Xbox 360 owners. If these are the things that needed to be improved, then there is no problem to worry about the upcoming port at all. What do you think is the case? Feel free to share your crackpot / rational theories with us below.