Netflix Releases Opening Credits for Upcoming Video Game Anime Adaptation, Dragon’s Dogma

Netflix has released the official opening credits for one of their new highly anticipated shows — Dragon’s Dogma.

Yes, the hit Capcom title, Dragon’s Dogma, has been turned into an anime, and Netflix is behind it. The streaming service has a very good track record with video game adaptations, so it will be interesting to see how Dragon’s Dogma turns out. The opening themes for anime or pivotal as it sets the ton for the whole show and musician Tadayoshi Makino compose an epic opening for the viewers.

Check out the opening credits for Netflix’s latest video game adaption — Dragon’s Dogma down below:

Netflix Original Anime Series “Dragon’s Dogma” opening credits sequence revealed! Musician Tadayoshi Makino composes the music for this series! After composing music for hit game series such as Monster Hunter and Dragon’s Dogma, Tadayoshi Makino has gained the fierce support of gaming fans. Following his work on the Dragon’s Dogma game, he has composed music for the anime series as well. The Netflix Original Anime Series

In related news, Netflix recently released the official trailer for Dragon’s Dogma which was pretty epic.

Capcom’s epic video game, Dragon’s Dogma has been turned into an anime, and thanks to Netflix a wider audience can now experience the crazy tale. The official trailer is about 2 and a half minutes long and it showcases plenty of great footage such as story elements, the first look at the art style, and so much more! Check out the official trailer right here!

Dragon’s Dogma is scheduled for worldwide release only on Netflix on Thursday, September 17, 2020!

source: YouTube