WB Games Montreal Official Announce Gotham Knights; New Co-op Game Featuring the Bat-Family

DC Fandome is airing all day today and one of the biggest anticipations of the day was the announcement of WB Games Montreal’s latest secreted project, and it is finally here!

Yes, titled as Gotham Knights, players will once again jump into the Gotham district, however, this time it will be with a different spin. Presumably, this game will take place after the ending of Arkham Knight where Bruce Wayne/Batman detonates the batcave and is apparently dead leaving Gotham City up for grabs. Batman leaves a pre-recorded message for his partners — Nightwing, Robin, Batgirl, etc, to keep the city safe if the unthinkable ever happened to take him out.

Gotham Knights will have players teaming up with their friends to protect Gotham City from all sorts of villains such as Mr. Freeze to the rumored Court of Owls. WB Games noted that they will share more about the game, as the year goes on, but for now we must be patient and be happy with the content released so far.

Check out the announcement trailer for WB Games Montreal’s latest title — Gotham Knights down below:

In related news, the developers discussed the game a little bit after the reveal at DC Fandome, and they actually released a good batch of in-game gameplay footage.

In the gameplay footage, we get to see co-op gameplay between Batgirl and Robin. Combo moves together, stealth takedown bad guys, and tackle boss battles together with your friends. Make sure to check out 8 minutes of gameplay footage for Gotham Knights right here!

Gotham Knights is set to release in 2021, no platforms are announced as of yet. Let us know what you think about the latest installment in the WB Batman franchise in the comments below!

source: Twitter