Popular Streamer Dr Disrespect Also Moving To YouTube?

It really wasn’t all that long ago that we’ve seen the big streaming wars pop off. Streaming has been popular for years but after so many services started to pick up steam, there was some motive for these companies to gather certain personalities onto their particular service. While Twitch was the main source for streaming content, the likes of Mixer and YouTube jumped in with some massive checks as streamers started to sign contracts locking the personality onto their service for a duration of time. We’ve seen several big names move away from Twitch such as Ninja who took a deal offered by Mixer. 

There were several reasons why users started to leave Twitch as well. There have been several incidents of bans that seemed illegitimate or certain streamers not being banned for a duration of a smaller streamer. With several big Twitch users dropping the service in favor of a new platform, there were still a few notable users holding strong for viewers to tune in and watch such as Dr Disrespect. That was until he was banned with no details as to why.

It’s been a conversation piece circulating online for a couple of weeks now. Everyone wants to know why the popular streamer was banned. No information has come out yet with even the streamer waiting to hear what was the cause for the dismissal from the platform. At any rate, fans are waiting to see what the next move is for the streamer and a new update on a social media profile may have indicated that we will see the Dr Disrespect main channel hub land on YouTube.

On the official Dr Disrespect Twitter profile, the link has been changed to direct users to his YouTube channel. It’s a small change that has plenty of people assuming that the new streaming home for the online personality will be on YouTube, similar to Ninja who made the move after Mixer was announced to be shutting down. Of course, nothing has come out to clearly state that is where we’ll see this streamer end up, after all the reasoning behind the Twitch ban is still yet to be clarified. 

Source: Twitter