Sucker Punch Details Ghost of Tsushima’s Katana Sword Gameplay, New Short Trailers Released

Sucker Punch has been revving up the engine when it comes to talking about their upcoming PS4 exclusive title, Ghost of Tsushima.

Today, the developers took to the PlayStation Blog to detail the katana swordplay players will experience while playing the highly anticipated title. Up to this point, there has been little to no real discussion of how the gameplay is, however, we did see plenty of gameplay footage both stealth and action.

The post that was detailed today was filled with a ton of great details about how Ghost of Tsushima is going to play. Developer Sucker Punch wanted to created an epic Samurai fantasy, and it seems they are taking a more realistic take on fighting. The post has a ton of detail, but I highlighted the parts discussing swapping between stances, resolving health, and more.

Check out the Resolve Health trailer down below:

We also realized that we could overlap enemy attacks. While one enemy attacks, another enemy can be winding up. We tune things so that Jin has barely enough time to deal with each enemy attack as it lands, just like in the samurai movies that inspired us, but there will often be two or even three attackers in the middle of an attack sequence at once.

Check out the Stance Swap trailer down below:

Here’s a video clip that shows the player switching stances as they move between enemies. Jin uses Stone Stance to quickly finish off a swordsman — Stone Stance is his ancestral style, developed to fight other swordsmen, so it works well against Mongol swordsmen — then quickly switches to Water Stance to create an opening against a shieldman. Jin devises Water Stance in frustration after the techniques he’s practiced for decades prove ineffective against the Mongol shieldmen.

If you want even more detail discussing Ghost of Tsushima’s gameplay, check out the full blog post right here!

In related news, Sony and developer Sucker Punch Productions recently held their very own State of Play for Ghost of Tsushima.

The event lasted about 20 minutes long and showcased plenty new footage, which by the way looks awesome. If you missed it live, no worries, as the full stream has been uploaded for your viewing pleasure. If you have yet to check out the new gameplay, you probably should do so, and you can do that right here!

Ghost of Tshushima is set to release exclusively for the PlayStation 4 on July 17th. Let us know in he comments below!

source: PS Blog