AEW Still Actively Developing Their Own Game

If you were hoping for a new simulation wrestling video game then this year you’re out of luck. It wasn’t long ago that we got news of WWE 2K21 being cancelled. After the less than stellar reviews came out for WWE 2K20, it looks like 2K is going back to the drawing board and properly delivering a game that not only will appeal to wrestling fans but also not ridden with bugs or other problematic issues. This sudden cancellation also was the reason behind WWE 2K19’s servers remaining active after 2K initially alerted fans that the servers would soon be turned off for the game.

Now the push from 2K is to deliver an arcade-style video game for fans to enjoy while they continue to work on a new simulation game for hardcore wrestling fans to pick up, there’s another company that may deliver a competitive wrestling game. We’re of course referring to the AEW which has sparked up quite the massive following. For years, WWE has remained relatively free from a big competitor and it seems that AEW is here to give fans something different to enjoy. With a stacked up roster of fan-favorite wrestlers, the AEW is just missing a video game franchise. 

That will soon change as AEW is actively developing a game. Not much is known quite yet, in fact, a recent podcast episode of Talk Is Jericho, did bring up the game in conversation. Apparently, AEW’s Aubrey Edwards is taking the project coordinator for the title and while fans can expect a means to create their own character and offer some interaction with current status AEW wrestlers, we’re not sure just what to expect from the team behind this game quite yet.

At any rate, it’s nice knowing that AEW is working on a game that should bring in not only fans of AEW but perhaps some interested gamers who mainly stuck with WWE over the years. For now it’s simply going to be a waiting game on just when AEW will make their appearance in the video game marketplace.

Source: Gamerant