After Cancelling WWE 2K21 The WWE 2K19 Servers Will Remain Active

For several years now we’ve received a new WWE 2K installment and while each year tended to be a back and forth with certain features and mechanics, the reception was mainly positive. Of course, that drastically changed when WWE 2K20 released with several issues leaving players with a buggy mess and a game that didn’t leave much hope of the franchise regaining the popularity it once had for the next annual release. Ultimately this left 2K in deciding where to go with the franchise and what the future may look like for wrestling games.

After rumors and leaks came out suggesting that 2K was scrapping WWE 2K21, 2K made the official announcement that fans would not receive a WWE 2K21 video game. Instead, they opted to develop an arcade-style WWE game for players to enjoy but that left players with either WWE 2K20, a game that has lost the majority of its player base or WWE 2K19, a game that was considered rather good though servers were set to turn off later this month.

On the video game menu, a new alert was showing up stating that WWE 2K19 servers would shut down on May 31, 2020. This would mean that there wouldn’t be any multiplayer available for the game online among other content that required an internet connection. Now a new tweet has come out stating that WWE 2K19 servers will remain open for the foreseeable future, that’s at least according to the official WWEgames account on Twitter. 

We’re not sure just how long the servers will actually stay active but seeing how most have written off WWE 2K20 and there’s going to be a year-long gap before the next mainline WWE 2K is released, we’re sure that it will be around until at least the launch of the next WWE 2K game. For now, if you haven’t picked up WWE 2K19 you can do so for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One platforms. We even have a Before You Buy episode on the game which can be viewed below.

Source: Twitter