WWE 2K21 Has Been Cancelled 

Wrestling video games were massive back in the day. You saw all sorts of video games released into the market from simulation to arcade hits. However, this generation of console platforms, in particular, has been lacking. Your only real choice has been the WWE 2K series and with each installment seemingly doing a bit better than the last, though there have been gripes over certain features, things took a turn for the worse when it came to WWE 2K20. This particular installment was far from perfect and it may have been the result in at least on game cancellation.

After WWE 2K20 hit the marketplace it was met with poor reviews and fan complaints. It was a buggy mess and there were plenty of reports of the game outright crashing. Most fans didn’t stick around to see if this game would clear up the glitches through various updates either and as a result, WWE 2K19 remained the go-to wrestling game at the time for current-generation platforms. What made matters worse is that rumors were circulating on the future of the WWE 2K series.

Justin Leeper, a writer for various wrestling video game titles, unveiled that sources in the know have confirmed that the series was going to be put on ice. If the rumors are to be believed then we would see at least WWE 2K21 get cancelled. Now after an earnings report call, we know that this the rumor was based on facts and we’re not going to see a WWE 2K21 hit the marketplace. 

This could offer some breathing room for the series as developers focus on what worked, what could be scrapped, and ultimately, what renovations could get the series back on top. With that said, it does look like a different WWE game may be in the works and we’re expecting some type of arcade-style wrestling game that’s been missing for several years now. Of course, nothing has been unveiled quite yet so we will just have to wait and find out. 

Source: IGN