The Epic Games Store Has Temporarily Delayed The Escapists 2

For years Valve has really thrived with the digital PC marketplace with no real company offering any kind of competition against Steam. While there have been other digital marketplaces popping up for the PC platform, few offer any means to sway gamers away from Steam. That changed when Epic Games offered their own digital marketplace service, the Epic Games Store. It’s a big competitor for a few different reasons.

One of the means to get players away from Valve’s Steam marketplace and on the Epic Games Store is the exclusive deals they make with different publishers and developers. It’s a means to get the game on the Epic Games Store first likewise, the revenue cut is much smaller for Epic Games compared to Valve which means every sale the game makes, more money would be going towards the developers and publishers. It’s something that has had plenty of gamers in an uproar for not having access to the game right away on Steam, but feature that Epic Games Store has had plenty of positive feedback.

Each week, the Epic Games Store offers users free video game titles for players to enjoy. All they need to do is claim the game and it’s theirs to own forever. There’s been a wide range of video game titles offered as well so don’t expect small title releases. In the past we’ve had Borderlands 2, Enter The Gungeon, the Batman Arkham trilogy, to even Grand Theft Auto V. The games are so diverse that there is something for everyone and all you have to do is make a free account and claim the games as they are put out from EGS.

However, for fans waiting on The Escapists 2, a game that was supposed to come out this week for free, it looks like Epic needs a bit more time due to an issue. It’s still coming according to Epic Games Store’s Twitter account though we’re not sure just when. Still, these games are up for a week to be claimed so there should still be plenty of time to grab a copy before next week’s games are offered for free.

Source: Twitter