The PlayStation 5 Shown Laying Horizontally 

There was a ton of hype going into 2020 as we all knew both Sony and Microsoft planned to launch their next-generation video game console this holiday season. While Microsoft was the first one out of the gate to showcase their console and offer some insight to the system, Sony followed afterward with our first real look at the PlayStation 5 being featured last week during Sony’s PlayStation 5 video game highlight event. The unveiling was something quite unique as the system not only is shaped a bit differently than what we may have been used to seeing in the past but also the console platform is rather big. 

From the unveiling, the PlayStation 5 will come in two models, a version with the disc drive and an all-digital version. While the digital edition is a bit thinner than the standard model, they are both tall and rather big. In fact, we’re sure it’s going to be an eye-catcher when displayed at home. However, the first unveiling we got of the PlayStation 5 was with the consoles standing vertically and it left plenty of gamers wondering if there would be support for positioning it horizontally. 

That looks like it will be the case as a new image has surfaced showcasing the console laying on its side with the help of a stand. It looks like you will need the stand to lay it on its side just because of the shape though we’re still waiting on confirmation. Recently, the topic of why the console was so large came up, and it’s apparently due to allowing efficient cooling. Because the system has so much power, Sony had to design the console to allow airflow to cool the system down in order for the console to run as intended.

Currently, we’re waiting for more confirmation and announcements regarding the PlayStation 5 and its features along with services it can provide gamers. Unfortunately, other than a release of sometime this holiday season, we don’t know just when to mark our calendars for a unit pick up nor do we have any information regarding a price point for the system.

Source: Reddit