There’s More Games In Development That’s Not Been Showcased Yet For PS5

Sony recently held their PlayStation 5 event yesterday that featured a wide range of video game titles being developed that would eventually come out for the PlayStation 5. The next-generation console is slated to release this holiday season so we’ve only received our first look at the upcoming video games being developed and while the showcased was filled with all sorts of incredible looking video game titles, this just the start as there is apparently plenty of other great titles being developed for the platform.

Recently, Sony’s PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan spoke about the PlayStation 5 video game showcase. It was an event that allowed Sony to show the diverse video game titles slated to release for the platform. We received everything from massive AAA video game titles like Marvel’s Spider-Man: Mile Morales, along with several smaller indie titles. Apparently, these smaller games are doing some big things with the hardware for the PlayStation 5 and giving fans a look at these titles will also help offer a means to highlight the wide range of games under Sony’s umbrella.

Jim Ryan spoke with the BBC and stated that there are plenty of other games being developed at the moment which was featured in this latest showcase. We’re sure that there are some other smaller titles that would cater to a big audience along with other iconic IPs that may finally get a new installment for the next-generation platform. Speaking of those iconic IPs, one of the most rumored and hyped up video game titles that fans were hoping to see on the PlayStation event was Silent Hill.

Unfortunately, Silent Hill wasn’t showcased during the event but with the comment of other games currently being developed, perhaps this is just one IP that will eventually be confirmed at a future event date. In the meantime, it looks like we could see plenty of other titles reveals before the console launches sometime later this year.

Source: BBC