Google Stadia LEAKS Gods & Monsters Game Build

Google Stadia gets a ton of flack from gamers. It’s a service that was confusing at first with most expecting a Netflix-style service that would be aimed towards video games. What we got instead was something drastically different. While gamers could enjoy various titles through streaming, instead of paying a fee to enjoy all these games, it was a service that required users to purchase the game on top of paying for a premium for several streaming features. Now developers have a reason to be disappointed in Google Stadia as well.

It looks like Google fumbled the ball quite badly when it came to Ubisoft’s Gods & Monsters. It turns out that a game build was leaked for Gods & Monsters that users could access. The build is still an early version of the game so not everything is finished and there’s plenty of areas that appear to be placeholders, for now, such as assets for the potions that players will be able to use such as refilling HP.

This is a major leak as Gods & Monsters was quite a talked about IP when it was first unveiled during E3 2019. While the game build has since been removed from players being able to play, this didn’t stop several players from leaking gameplay footage online for others to watch. We’re sure that this may prompt other users to actively using Google Stadia to see what other games could be unlocked to play ahead of launch. 

This is not the only leak that has happened recently. You may recall that a couple of weeks ago a leaked build for Dead Island 2 was discovered online. While the build is pretty alpha, it did give players some insight into the game before it was likely scrapped and given to another development studio. 

Source: IGN