Quantic Dream Celebrates Heavy Rain’s 10 Year Anniversary With New Video Series

Quantic Dream has announced a new video series to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of Heavy Rain.

Check out part one down below:

“10 years after the release of Heavy Rain, discover the creation of one of Quantic Dream’s most iconic game, through an exclusive video series.”

The first part of the video series tackles the idea behind the creation of the iconic game, Heavy Rain. In addition, the episode dives deep into how Quantic Dream succeeded in creating a compelling story and unique experience, stamping the lives of players forever.

Heavy Rain released 10 years ago and it feels like yesterday that players were experiencing the missing of Ethan for the very first time. There truly is alot to be said about this game, as it isn’t an average experience in any stretch of the meaning. Lastly, whatever Quantic Dream is working on for the future, it will certainly be exciting. Here’s to another 10 years!

Part one titled A Drop of Water is out now, with no clear distinction when part two will be released

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Source: Quantic Dream on Twitter