No Man’s Sky Now Offers Crossplay

Hello Game’s No Man’s Sky was at one time an incredibly anticipated and hyped video game title. Over the years of its development, teases of the game had plenty of fans in awe wondering just what they may come across in their space journey when the game would finally launch into the market. Unfortunately, the hype couldn’t meet the expectations that fans had placed on the game and since then the developers had been actively working to update the game in a wide variety of ways.

The game has since been altered quite a bit and its often encouraged by the community for players to try the game out today especially if they only tried the title out when it first released. If you’re up for an adventure then No Man’s Sky may prove to be one well worth diving into either for the first time or for veteran players. Starting tomorrow it looks like No Man’s Sky will finally offer crossplay support giving a massive pool of players to join together as they chart out stars and planets.

This update will give crossplay support across PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One platforms. There’s even an icon that will be displayed next to the player handle to indicate just what platform they are enjoying the game on. We’re looking at a big update for the game as this is one area that the title first got plenty of flack for when it initially launched. Now that gamers can really join in together we’re sure there will be an influx of players trying the game out once again.

In the meantime, if you would like our overall thoughts on the game, we have a Before You Buy episode upload featured down below. However, you may want to note that this is our thoughts and impressions of the game during the latest build available for players to enjoy at that time so you may find some differences today.

Source: Kotaku