The Last of Us Part 2 May Have Content Players Will Miss

The Last of Us Part 2 is one of the most anticipated video game titles releasing in 2020. This title has a huge following and Naughty Dog is preparing to deliver the game next month. To further hype up the gameplay experience, the development team has released a new video showcasing the work that went into developing an immersive experience. You can, of course, watch that new video upload right up above.

This new video offers some interesting information. Overall, the talk is about the gameplay mechanics and elements that will hopefully put an emotional response to players going through the campaign. From having to deal with the tough choices Ellie decides and giving players the sense of surviving against the odds. While the game is bound to be full of fine details and cinematic experience, the level designs will be quite a bit larger than the original installment.

Players should have more areas to explore and rummage for survival supplies. Of course, that’s also going to allow developers to craft up their own unique encounters and content. In fact, the latest video upload makes mention that there are going to be some instances where players may avoid a completely scripted event by not exploring an area completely. This could give players some incentive in replaying the game to see just what all they may have missed.

Furthermore, there won’t be the ability to fully upgrade Ellie in a single playthrough. We’re not sure if that means there could be a New Game Plus mode for this sequel so it looks like you may need to think carefully about how you want to play through the game. Currently, players can pick up a copy of The Last of Us Part 2 on June 19, 2020, for the PlayStation 4.

Source: YouTube