Check out the Xbox Arctic Camo Special Edition Controller Unboxing [Video]

Microsoft has released an unboxing video for their upcoming Xbox Arctic Camo Special Edition controller, which sports a clean, camo art style.

Check it out down below:

“Equip yourself with the Xbox Wireless Controller – Arctic Camo Special Edition, featuring a rugged white, grey, and translucent camouflage pattern. An etched trigger grip gives you extra control, and button mapping allows you to customize your gear just the way you like it.”

Xbox on Youtube

The special edition Xbox Wireless Controller is looking fresh and clean as Xbox Design Director Monique Chatterjee gives an in-depth unboxing of the highly anticipated product. The new controller sports a fresh, white look that is familiar all the while differentiating itself from the original look.

The new controller will be priced at $69.99 and will be released later this month on May 25, 2020. Those who want to secure a controller can pre-order one at the official Xbox website or find a retailer that carries the product.

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Source: Xbox Youtube