Tokyo Game Show 2020 Has Been Cancelled

The health pandemic right now is still a massive issue. There are markets infected everywhere and it caused most of us to be locked in quarantine, unable to freely go about our days as normal. While we wait for this virus pandemic to be over, we’re still seeing more and more events get killed off this year. For the video game industry, we’ve seen cancellations and postponements for several events from the likes GDC to E3. However, we can now add another event to that list and it’s the Tokyo Game Show.

We’re not surprised to see so many events get cancelled both in the video game industry and outside of it. It’s a battle to keep employees safe, the general public from potentially gathering and also a means from further spreading this virus around in different areas. While there have been some changes to this year’s events lineup such as more companies taking their show to an online streaming format, there are still going to be plenty of fans bummed out seeing that staple events are having to close for 2020.

The Tokyo Game Show has officially confirmed that there will not be a physical event this year. This was an annual show that resembled E3. There were big video game announcements, updates, and demo stations for attendees to try out some upcoming releases. However, while the event was cancelled due to the coronavirus health pandemic, the event is still being planned for a digital showcase. We’re still waiting to hear more about this digital event and when exactly it will take place.

Currently, more information is planned to release later this month so while we are not going to get a live show, we can still expect some type of event being played out online. Speaking of online events, Microsoft recently held an Inside Xbox online event yesterday where we got several video game trailers from third-party developers. 

Source: Gematsu