Surprise Nintendo Direct Unveils 2K Games Coming To Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch had a surprised Nintendo Direct today and it revealed that a series of 2K Games is finally heading to the Nintendo hybrid console platform. For those of you who have a Nintendo Switch, then you’ll soon be able to get three iconic video game titles that were previously available on other platforms.

In the Nintendo Direct, we learned that Borderlands, BioShock, and XCOM 2 are coming to the Nintendo Switch platform. Best of all, these are special edition packs that include additional content besides the base game. For instance, we know that for BioShock, this is the BioShock: The Collection edition which comes with the three mainline installments and all of the previously released DLC content such as Burial at Sea. This will prove to be a great seller especially if players want to dive back into the story and get ready for the upcoming installment. 

Borderlands Legacy Collection is also unveiled which again includes not only the base game of Borderlands but Borderland 2, and The Pre-Sequel. Much like BioShock: The Collection, this Borderlands collection will also include all of the previously released DLC. Lastly, there is XCOM 2 Collection where you’ll have the base game and the War of the Chosen expansion pack.

All three of these video game titles will include a physical release but each cartridge will only contain a small section of the game where the rest will need to be downloaded online. Likewise, all three of these games are releasing on May 29. Unfortunately, the Nintendo Switch itself may prove to be a problem as retailers are running low on stock likely due to the coronavirus. Furthermore, the North America repair centers are shut down until further notice which means if you do have a Nintendo Switch, you’ll need to be careful not to damage it. 

Source: YouTube