Watch Samurai Jack For Free To Prepare For Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time

If you’re stuck in quarantine and trying to keep from getting that cabin fever then you may be interested in watching an anime series. Samurai Jack has had a massive following over the years and while the series has concluded, a new video game is in the works. Now if you’re left out wanting to either watch the series for the first time or relive the series once again then you can do so completely for free. This can be a great way to get back into the story before the video game releases.

Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time was announced earlier this year where Adult Swim Games and Soleil Games are developing the hack-and-slash title. This game will play a role in the narrative prior to the series finale so if you haven’t watched the anime yet there’s a perfect opportunity to get acquainted with the character and setting. Overall, the game follows a Samurai named Jack who is taken out of his timeline by an evil entity known as Aku. As a result, Jack is tossed through a series of timelines as he attempts to get back to his own timeline once again.

While the game doesn’t launch until later in the summer, just as long as no delays are popped up from the coronavirus, you can watch the anime series through Adult Swim. Both the website and application for your smartphones can access the entire series for free. Now you can enjoy the game without missing any of the backstories. 

Source: Adult Swim