Coronavirus Won’t Affect Xbox Series X Production

Microsoft and Sony are both gearing up to release their next-generation video game platforms which has plenty of fans eager to see what the next iteration of both the Xbox and PlayStation consoles will bring to the table. However, we haven’t really seen much in terms of features of the consoles as both Microsoft and Sony have yet to make any official reveal on that front to the public. While Microsoft likely had big plans for E3, the expo has been cancelled leaving both to come up with an online event to showcase the new console platforms.

While the coronavirus likely played a role in how the console platforms are officially unveiled to the masses, this health pandemic virus is likely won’t be a factor in the production run. At least that’s something Microsoft is banking on in a recent interview between Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and CNBC. It was during this interview that the topic came up regarding the Xbox Series X and if there was a possibility that the virus is preventing the production run to continue on as originally planned. 

According to the Microsoft CEO, this virus won’t play a role in if the console will be pushed back from the original holiday 2020 season release. With certain markets starting to drop in terms of numbers infected, the virus scare may lessen allowing factories to continue on. While there may be a small delay in certain shipments with factory manufacturers just starting back up, it won’t be a big deal for the actual release. 

These may be some bold claims right now as the health pandemic is still very much at the forefront of most markets around the world. While there is hope that we can get through this virus quickly, we may still find the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X make it into the market without any real issues. Hopefully, by then the virus scare is managed a bit better with life going back to a more normal state.

Source: CNBC