Best Buy Changes Up How Consumers Can Purchase Video Games

As you are all aware, the coronavirus is a big health pandemic right now. We’re all quarantined and forced to stay inside leaving plenty to experience cabin fever. It’s not a great feeling but there’s always video games, movies, shows among other things to help keep you entertained.

However, there may be some concern as to what this means for the future big video game releases. Well, it looks like if you pre-order or purchase a game for pick up at Best Buy then you’ll still be able to retrieve your game, but there are some new procedures in place.

In a new Reddit post, it looks like Best Buy will remain open but are delivering products to your car rather than you coming into the store. This is a new policy more stores may start to implement since the coronavirus is causing states to lockdown in an attempt to keep people from gathering. As a result, we’re finding out that Best Buy will provide gamers with their purchased title if they pull up to the store and remain in the car. 

From there, an employee will come out where your trunk must be popped to receive the item. To ensure the order is correct, the employee will apparently go to the driver’s side window which much is rolled up and view the document either by phone or hard copy pressed against the glass. Afterward, the item is placed in the trunk where you can go back home and enjoy the game.

This is certainly a big step away from how we may be used to getting the products purchased for in-store pickup. Unfortunately, this is just how life is going to be for a little bit while the world continues to fight off the coronavirus. At the very least, we’ll still be able to enjoy some of the most anticipated video games while keeping our hard copies. 

Source: Reddit