Teacher Uploads Class Lesson Online Using Half-Life: Alyx

When it comes to the current state of life, most of us are quarantined and forced into staying away from gatherings. This is an obstacle all of us are overcoming but one particular group that is getting used to this new self-isolation is students. There are several schools that are still conducting lessons and homework virtually and it looks like one particular teacher decided to get a bit creative. In a new video upload, a teacher took to Half-Life: Alyx to give a geometry lesson to his students.

Charles Coomber is a teacher from San Diego who picked up a copy of Half-Life: Alyx, a VR title. This video game is quite incredible in what players are able to accomplish and if you played it then you know there are areas where you can use markers that can be interacted with. Charles took this opportunity to film him drawing out his geometry lesson and offering not only the class lesson to his students but to anyone that cares to watch the video online.

Posted through YouTube earlier this week, this lesson gathered over 200,000 views. The teacher’s ability to use this backdrop as a lesson is not only quite amusing but his ability to clearly draw out the lessons in-game is quite realistic. So far this is the only video uploaded on his YouTube channel so there’s no telling if more will come out, but it’s clear that Half-Life: Alyx is now a tool being used by teachers, which is likely quite the surprise for the developers when they finally released the game into the market. 

For those of you who are interested in Half-Life: Alyx itself and wondering if this PC VR title is worth the pickup, we suggest watching our Before You Buy episode upload featured down below.

Source: YouTube