Konami Claims Silent Hill Rumors Are Not Real

Silent Hill has been an iconic video game franchise for years. Developed by an in-house team at Konami called Team Silent, Silent Hill got its start on the original PlayStation. From there the installments came out over the years but suddenly stopped after the release of Silent Hill: Book of Memories in 2012. For years fans have been waiting to see if Konami would allow the IP to get picked up once again in a form of a video game title.

Being a popular franchise that has a following, it’s not unusual to see rumors pop up online along with supposed leaks. However, this past year we’ve really seen an influx of rumors regarding the Silent Hill franchise and it really seemed that there may have been some type of development in the works. Of course, this sprung a ton of rumors and hints that fans started to pick out online.

Unfortunately, none of the rumors were ever confirmed online so it left plenty of fans wondering if these rumors are based on any facts. Now it looks like Konami is finally willing to give a comment regarding their Silent Hill franchise and it’s not one that fans were hoping for. According to a North American PR representative to Konami, the company is claiming the rumors going around are not true. While they are aware of the rumors and know that it’s not an answer fans want to hear, there’s currently nothing in development for Silent Hill

With that said, it does look like Konami is not closing the door on the Silent Hill franchise. After all, we do know that there is a new movie in the works by the director who worked on the original Silent Hill movie adaptation. However, most are wanting a traditional Silent Hill video game released in the market.

Source: Rely On Horror